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Katy Perry’s Facebook Music Video

Worst music video ever? Yes, Katy Perry likes Facebook so much, she made a music video about it. Katy Perry’s new video for her latest hit ‘Wide Awake’ is quite literally an ode to her Facebook timeline  to highlight what two years in the life of a successful singer looks like in flow chart form. Whilst Mark Zuckerberg will be pleased about her choice of style, her fans on the other hand are not. Surely the best thing about Katy Perry is seeing her in cool outfits and different coloured wigs? Who wants to watch readily avaliable Facebook footage. C’mon K-pez, give something back to the fans. [Disclaimer: I am not a Katy Perry fan, but you can’t deny how catchy all her songs are].

Valtari Hour

Something very special happened on Thursday night (17th May). Prior to their May 29 release, as a way to wet the world’s appetite for their sixth studio album, Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros hosted a rolling hourly event for fans across the globe to hear their new album. At indie record stores, on the band’s website and at dozens of participating radio stations, Sigur Ros fans were exposed to the beautiful sounds of Valtari, and encouraged to post to Twitter and Instagram about their listening experience.

Starting off in New Zealand, as they were the first to reach 7 pm, ‘Valtari hour’ (as it was dubbed) was a huge success. At a time where a bands precious music so often gets leaked online and downloaded illegally, Sigur Ros strived to reclaim the buzz for its release date, and create a real excitement around the album launch. In my opinion, it did just that.

In what seemed like a worldwide Mexican wave of airplay, Sigur Ros managed to capture the magic of new years eve, with thousands of fans across the world waiting for the clock to turn 7pm so they could hear the much anticipated play of their beautiful album tracks. Unaware of the excitement to come, I was listening to BBC Radio 1 as I usually do, and at exactly 7pm, Zane Lowe introduced Sigur Ros’ new sound to the UK. I was immediately transfixed on the beautiful sounds coming out of my car radio. And what was even more special, was knowing that I was participating in a worldwide event, just by listening. Hour by hour, each country across the globe got to collectively share in my experience as the Valtari love was passed on. What an ingenious 24 hour marketing campaign from their record company.

If you are lucky enough to be going to Bestival this September, then you will get to hear the band play their first UK show for over four years. But for those, like me, whom are not as fortunate, get ready to close your eyes and let those elegiac chords suspend your subconscious..

Digital Street Art

That my friends, was a Future Lions 2012 entry by the talented students, Iris Gavric & Daniel Otterbein, at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt. Proposed for Absolut Vodka, they’ve attempted to create movement called Absolut Inspire, an Augmented Reality Street Art App designed to create a new world without creative limitations.

As you can see, the campaign is a fusion of the Google Street View platform combined with an app that allows you to create your own digital street art anywhere in the world, all seen through the augmented reality viewer. I want this to be turned into a real campaign. Heck, I NEED this to be turned into something real! Not only is it such a great fit for the brand, but it really taps into the urban art scene fad at the moment. Whilst I am no artist (far from it), as a street art fanatic, I would love the opportunity to be able to try my hand at decorating the streets of London. This app totally makes it possible, without actually getting into trouble of course or further still, defacing public property with my awful artistry skills. So yeah, someone take note and make this happen! Great work.

Tupac Coachella Hologram

So pretty much everyone has seen the Tupac Hologram performance at this years Coachella festival (if not, have you been hiding under a rock?), but have you seen how it works? Check out the diagram below for an explanation for how it all went down.

We have seen many artists use cool technology in their performances before, from Coldplay’s infamous projection mapping light probes, to Beyonce’s use of Augmented Reality. But the advancement of technology like this is certainly exciting, and can only get me thinking about who we are going to see come ‘back to life’ next and perform? I don’t know about you, but I’m desperately hoping for a full Beatles reunion! The possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait to see the next big thing from the music industry.

A Website Made From Chocolate

Sagres, Portugal’s number 1 beer brand have launched an online exclusive in celebration of their new chocolate flavoured stout beer – The world’s first website made entirely out of chocolate. Without a TV campaign and very few print materials, Sagres challenged their digital agency to create an online activation for their new product. Using the website as the main promotional tool, Sagres needed to generate a lot of buzz with a new approach.
Given this challenge, the agency’s creative team believed that if Sagres made a chocolate beer, the perfect way to launch it was also to create a website made of chocolate.

To invite consumers to try the new product, Sagres gave out a piece of the chocolate website and a 6Pack of Sagres Preta Chocolate. So every day, during a specific hour, users could ask for a bite of the site. What an original and cool idea, looks tasty!

Watch the making of the site here:


I came across this project by Addi Sommekh, and thought it was too beautiful not to share. Addi traveled across the world and spent time photographing different people from all walks of life in silly looking colourful balloon hats, for no other reason than to unite these beings in laughter. After all, despite everyone’s differences, each individual is born with a sense of humour, and  their laughter sounds the same no matter what language they speak. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

For more photographs and information, visit http://www.balloonhat.com/