How Honda Gave An Indie Band Its Big Break

Have you heard of the indie band Monsters Calling Home? Well me neither, until now. The band of six come from a range of different backgrounds, doing their music independently to try and make a living. Whilst they are extremely talented, they struggled to get their music out there and make a dent in the industry. Without much money in the pockets they were left to film their musical offerings inside their Honda car as they continued on in their everyday jobs to try to make ends meet.

That was until Honda got involved.

As a thank-you for filming their music videos entirely inside their cars, the car giant booked them on to perform a secret gig at Jimmy Kimmel Live, so secret that even they didn’t know about it. The band were called into the Honda offices to perform for what they thought was an exclusive concert for their 600 employees. And although it somewhat broke my heart when one of the Honda guy tells them there will be no concert after all, but can they get up on stage and sing one song for the three or four people in the room, the look on their faces when they find out they will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel was worth it all! Good on Honda for getting such a great deal for these accomplished singers, and most of all for discovering new talent and putting them infront of everyone’s eyes (and ears).

Watch and weep.


I love the music. I love the concept. But most of all, I think I love Honda. #hondalovesyouback


Another Beauty From John Lewis

John Lewis have done it again. In what appears to be a warm up act for their next big christmas ad, the never knowingly undersold brand has hit the nail on the head with their latest offering. In a beautiful collision of the old world and the new digital age, the ad sets out to prove that whilst so much has changed in the sense of fashion, tech and communication, what’s really important in life doesn’t change.

Again, a perfect choice of soundtrack, a cover of the INXS song, Never Tear Us Apart (re-recorded by Paloma Faith) helps to tell the story of two people from different world’s falling in love.

John Lewis have set themselves up as a brand that produces great advertising, and they haven’t failed to deliver this time round. Bravo.

Direct Line Goes Dubstep

As soon as I heard the first beat I immediately stopped tweeting and looked up at my TV to see which brand was using a Santigold song as their soundtrack (Disparate Youth, for those wondering). Now maybe it’s just because I’m a Santigold fan, but I love this latest ad from Direct Line. An unexpected move from a brand proving that they can remain current and still be heard in the over-cluttered world of insurance companies, and comparison websites. Choice of soundtrack aside (I think it’s clear I’m a fan), the execution of this ad is brilliant. The whole domino effect idea is so effective and really brings to life the brand message throughout the ad, along with illustrating the insurance company’s responsiveness when one of their customer’s needs help. I think it’s genius.

Digital Street Art

That my friends, was a Future Lions 2012 entry by the talented students, Iris Gavric & Daniel Otterbein, at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt. Proposed for Absolut Vodka, they’ve attempted to create movement called Absolut Inspire, an Augmented Reality Street Art App designed to create a new world without creative limitations.

As you can see, the campaign is a fusion of the Google Street View platform combined with an app that allows you to create your own digital street art anywhere in the world, all seen through the augmented reality viewer. I want this to be turned into a real campaign. Heck, I NEED this to be turned into something real! Not only is it such a great fit for the brand, but it really taps into the urban art scene fad at the moment. Whilst I am no artist (far from it), as a street art fanatic, I would love the opportunity to be able to try my hand at decorating the streets of London. This app totally makes it possible, without actually getting into trouble of course or further still, defacing public property with my awful artistry skills. So yeah, someone take note and make this happen! Great work.

Smart Car Ping Pong

This fun and exciting installation is a project by Smart called eBall. Essentially it is a Smart Car controlled ping pong game that was created to showcase the responsiveness of the new, third generation, electric Smart Car. Launched at the Frankfurt Motorshow, the installation uses multiple sensors to track the car’s exact position, ultimately controlling each players pong paddle on the giant digital screen in-front of them. Whilst I’m not exactly a fan of the Smart car, I am a fan of their work. This is something completely original and fun at the same time. But still, it makes me view Smart cars as little toy mobiles, and not exactly an empowering car I would be proud to be seen driving. Hmmm..

Check it out:

Augmented Reality Disney Delight in NYC

Yes Augmented Reality is taking centre stage almost everywhere right now, but what better way to encapsulate the true disney magic than enhancing one’s current perception of reality. Featuring the nations treasured disney characters, the new disney parks Augmented Reality billboard experience took place across all of times square in NYC, making it a visual feast for all passers-by.

To get involved, all passer-by’s have to do is stand in the specially marked circle opposite the large digital billboard, and an Augmented Reality character wondrously appears and interacts with them as they watch on the big screen. What they take part in is fun and engaging and offers a taste of the truly magical disney park experience. I’m a huge fan of using Augmented reality to bring a brand to life, and in this case that is exactly what it does along with bringing joy to hundreds of times square onlookers, and disney fans alike. No matter how old you are, everyone wants to dance with Mickey Mouse and be friends with Buzz Lightyear!

Take a look at whats been going on at the digital billboard in times square:

A Website Made From Chocolate

Sagres, Portugal’s number 1 beer brand have launched an online exclusive in celebration of their new chocolate flavoured stout beer – The world’s first website made entirely out of chocolate. Without a TV campaign and very few print materials, Sagres challenged their digital agency to create an online activation for their new product. Using the website as the main promotional tool, Sagres needed to generate a lot of buzz with a new approach.
Given this challenge, the agency’s creative team believed that if Sagres made a chocolate beer, the perfect way to launch it was also to create a website made of chocolate.

To invite consumers to try the new product, Sagres gave out a piece of the chocolate website and a 6Pack of Sagres Preta Chocolate. So every day, during a specific hour, users could ask for a bite of the site. What an original and cool idea, looks tasty!

Watch the making of the site here:

Now That’s What I Call A Christmas Ad

With just 44 days to go till Christmas (yikes), John Lewis has released their Christmas TV ad in a bid to become the nations go-to store for presents this year. In a beautiful twist they have honed in on the excitement of giving gifts, rather than the typical excitement of receiving. I don’t know about you, but I think they got this insight spot on! The genuine excitement I feel when I have bought a gift for someone that I know that they will love is far more overreaching that when I receive a gift myself. That anticipation of seeing their reaction for the first time when then open it, it really is priceless! So for that, I think a massive kudos goes to Adam & Eve London who so beautifully brought this idea to life.

John Lewis have consistently produced ads that really elicit certain emotional responses, and really connects to the inner thoughts of the consumer, so it comes to no surprise that their Christmas ad has done just that. I think we can all safely say that it beats M&S’ X-factor infused Christmas offering, and after already trending worldwide on Twitter, has been awarded a place in our hearts as Christmas 2011’s best TV ad. Well done John Lewis.

Clover Lighter Introduces Their OAP Choir

Making its debut during this weeks X Factor ad breaks, and giving Louie’s over 25’s a run for their money, Clover Lighter introduced their very own choir made up of none other than fifteen life-loving OAPs.  Singing and rapping the classic hip-hop song ‘Can I Kick It?’, and reforming the lyrics to ‘Can I have it’, the Clover choir helps to deliver the brand message, that Clover Lighter gives people more freedom to enjoy the foods they fancy without feeling any guilt.

The ad was filmed in front of a real audience, at a family food and music festival in Suffolk. Clover Lighter scoured the country looking for experienced life lovers to be part of their choir, and behold, full of excitement, the vivacious Clover Lighter choir certainly have the X Factor, and are themselves real advocates for people making the most of life and living it to a healthy full.

You can find out more about the choir characters on Clover Lighter’s Facebook page.

I think the choir helps to bring the Clover Lighter brand to life, but is the choir just yet another singing advert break… What do you think?

If you didn’t catch the ad, take a look at it here: