How Honda Gave An Indie Band Its Big Break

Have you heard of the indie band Monsters Calling Home? Well me neither, until now. The band of six come from a range of different backgrounds, doing their music independently to try and make a living. Whilst they are extremely talented, they struggled to get their music out there and make a dent in the industry. Without much money in the pockets they were left to film their musical offerings inside their Honda car as they continued on in their everyday jobs to try to make ends meet.

That was until Honda got involved.

As a thank-you for filming their music videos entirely inside their cars, the car giant booked them on to perform a secret gig at Jimmy Kimmel Live, so secret that even they didn’t know about it. The band were called into the Honda offices to perform for what they thought was an exclusive concert for their 600 employees. And although it somewhat broke my heart when one of the Honda guy tells them there will be no concert after all, but can they get up on stage and sing one song for the three or four people in the room, the look on their faces when they find out they will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel was worth it all! Good on Honda for getting such a great deal for these accomplished singers, and most of all for discovering new talent and putting them infront of everyone’s eyes (and ears).

Watch and weep.


I love the music. I love the concept. But most of all, I think I love Honda. #hondalovesyouback


Katy Perry’s Facebook Music Video

Worst music video ever? Yes, Katy Perry likes Facebook so much, she made a music video about it. Katy Perry’s new video for her latest hit ‘Wide Awake’ is quite literally an ode to her Facebook timeline  to highlight what two years in the life of a successful singer looks like in flow chart form. Whilst Mark Zuckerberg will be pleased about her choice of style, her fans on the other hand are not. Surely the best thing about Katy Perry is seeing her in cool outfits and different coloured wigs? Who wants to watch readily avaliable Facebook footage. C’mon K-pez, give something back to the fans. [Disclaimer: I am not a Katy Perry fan, but you can’t deny how catchy all her songs are].